Agrowplow AD083 vineyard seeder unveiled at Mildura demo day

Agrowplow has released the AD083 Vineyard Seeder, a direct seed drill specifically designed for the viticulture market. Although it is built upon the same 100x100x6 RHS steel frame as its larger brothers, the AD083 Vineyard Seeder features a significantly narrower sowimg width of just 1.75 metres. This allows the Vineyard Seeder to easily navigate narrow trellis rows while still offering the same frame strength that makes the larger Agrowdrills a favourite among Australian farmers.

The key to the AD083 Vineyard Seeder is Agrowplow’s brand new 401 Double Disc Unit. It has a breakout of 181kg and is comprised of both a plain and notched disc that are offset just enough to ensure high accuracy whilst handily managing the root stubble and vegetation residue common in viticulture. The Vineyard Seeder has eleven 401 Double Disc Units spread across two toolbars with 159mm spacings.

“We’re really happy with the design of the AD083,” says Agrowplow Principal Shannon McNab. “It’s a great compact machine that doesn’t compromise on quality. We’ve done a lot of testing on those 401 disc units and I think they’ll be a real asset. We’re looking forward to getting feedback from our dealers and customers, especially in southern NSW and northern Victoria, where we think the machine will see significant use.

“Given that the dry conditions we’ve seen this year are expected to continue throughout 2019, we think it’s important to offer Aussie vignerons a reliable machine that can handle direct drilling in hard and dry conditions. We’ve especially seen an increase in drought-resistant crops like sorghum, so it’s important that the Vineyard Seeder, like the rest of the Agrowdrill range, can handle whatever our farmers need it to sow.

“Besides,” says McNab, “Molong is right in the middle of world-class wine country, so there’s plenty of potential users right in our own backyard.”

The Agrowdrill AD083 is also available in wider working widths of 2.7m and can be outfitted with Agrowplow’s 425 coil tyne. The 401 Double Disc Unit is also available on the AD130 and AD730 Agrowdrills.

The AD083 Vineyard Seeder will be demonstrated at Haeuslers Mildura’s Drive Green demo day on Wednesday 12 December 2018, alongside the Agrowplow AP11 deep tillage plow.

Agrowplow is an Australian-owned company and has been manufacturing farm machinery in the Central West of NSW for over forty years. They make a range of farming equipment, including direct seed drills, deep tillage plows, and Flexirollers based on the philosophy of prosperity through soil care.