Davimac 35T chaser bin reviewed by Farming Ahead

The team from Farming Ahead reviewed the Davimac 35T dual-axle chaser bin as part of their latest chaser bin research report released February 2019. It was a pleasure to have their team inspect our bin and assess its merits as an integral part of a large-scale harvest.

The following is a brief excerpt from the full review.

What we liked

  • Overall build quality and sleek design

  • Massive axle build

  • Good list of standard features

  • Paintwork and finish

What could be better

  • No handle on hatch interior

  • A few clips to undo for floor auger clean out

Davimac’s range of chaser bins may be easy on the eye with some gentle curves and bends in the steel work but they have not cut any corners in terms of build quality and finish.

Researchers inspected a 35 tonne Davimac bin in Western Australia which was set up on dual wheels (30.5L x 32 tyres).

For a relatively large capacity bin, the chaser looks very compact and features one of the lowest fill heights seen in the chaser bins inspected at 3200mm. The overall design incorporates quite steep bin walls (40 degrees) made of 3mm thick steel) combined with 6mm thick bin ends.

You can access the full research report at Farming Ahead, which details the full review of a range of chaser bins.