Like coming home: custom maroon deep ripper

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Behind the scenes making the custom maroon Agrowplow AP31

Our sales team thought it’s be a great idea to offer a custom ripper so our customers could show their support for their state as part of State of Origin 2019.

“Sounds good,” says the boss. “You can do it but only if you can find a customer who wants it and get the order confirmed before game one.”

It look less than a week.

So the production team rolled up their sleeves and got cracking. The turnaround time on an AP31 is usually around three to four weeks, but with game one only a few weeks away, there wasn’t any room for error. While the fabrication team were busy cutting, tacking, and welding, the paint team got to work sourcing a maroon paint to suit the Queensland colours.

The irony was this wasn’t the first time a maroon Agrowplow machine has rolled off the production line. Back when Agrowplow lived in Wellington, the rippers and seeders had a distinctive deep red colour scheme. Of course, all that paint was well and truly long gone, so it was back to the drawing board - and the paint supplier.

The original Agrowplows were a deep red colour (despite being made in Wellington)

The original Agrowplows were a deep red colour (despite being made in Wellington)

Layer 1.jpg

There was a moment when the frame was first painted that it looked like our initial tests were way off - the colour looked more like an old tomato than the familiar deep maroon our Northern customers are familiar with. Fortunately, the colour deepened after a few days and settled into a hue that looked pretty damn close!

All that was left was colouring the blades and shinguards and putting it all together.

If the frame colour had come together with surprising serendipity, the wear parts were a different story. We went through a few different cans of spray paint before we were able to settle on one we liked (funnily enough, canary yellow didn’t quite cut it and damn near caused our admin to choke on her own raucous laughter).

The canary yellow wear parts were… not ideal.

The canary yellow wear parts were… not ideal.


Finally, after reshuffling the production schedule, tacking and welding like madmen, and more cans of spray paint than we expected, it was done: nine rigid shanks with bronze wear parts mounted to a brilliant maroon 100x100mm RHS frame with custom bronze decals and gold passivated bolts in the linkages, and all done just in time for game three.

Who’s ready for Origin 2020?