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Davimac Group is here to support our farmers, from sowing to harvest. Our farm machinery had been a part of the farming landscape for decades and has been relied upon to deliver harvest after harvest.


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Davimac Group is the proud Australian manufacturer of high-quality agricultural equipment. Our team is dedicated to helping our farmers get the most out of each crop through our tough and innovative tillage, seeding, and harvest machinery.

We believe that prosperous, successful farming means always looking for new and better agricultural practices. That’s why we are constantly developing new and innovative machinery to suit the needs of the modern farmer – from sustainable deep ripping operations, no-till seeding, and controlled traffic farming practices.

Davimac Group has a dealer network that spans Australia and beyond, and our history goes back over forty years to a backyard shed in regional NSW. Today, Davimac Group products can be found on farms across the country where farmers rely on them for their rugged construction, reliable operation, and commitment to sustainable farming practices.

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